The use of computers has certainly proliferated in our lives and throughout the whole wide world. They have been there when we need to do anything related to technology. Computers have become an everyday essentiality. I am writing this particular article on a computer that I cannot live without, on a daily basis. We need computers for almost every single task we do. Our jobs depend on our computers. The essentiality of computers has definitely grown in the past two decades. They help resolve all kinds of human problems that humans encounter on a daily basis. They have a gigantic influence in our lives. Computers have impacted our lives on a large scale. In order to understand just how much computers have become essential to us, I have written this article. They have had a role in the technological developments that are enveloping the planet right now.

That is a pandemic going on right now called the coronavirus pandemic, in the year 2020. Do you think scientists could have figured out a vaccine, without the help of computers? Computers have helped save lives; millions of lives. Computers have actually been recognised as one of the things that have changed our lives in a successful manner.

I can tell you with absolute certainty that one of the first things I do, after I get my morning coffee, is open my laptop and look at the daily news. I then browse some social media on my laptop and log into my work server. My laptop definitely helps me make money, and I would not know what to do without it. It is certainly difficult to survive in the business world, without the use of a computer.


I suggest you take a look at the educational sector, the transportation sector, the communication sector and also the health sector. All the sectors in the planet are making use of computers, and they wouldn’t be the same without them.

Computers have been fantastic when it comes to filling the gaps between a lot of things, in human life.

We are able to communicate with people who are on the other side of the planet because of computers. We can send a message to someone who is all the way across the world, and they will receive it in a couple of seconds, because of computers. Computers have made social media reality. Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram and more are possible, because of the help of computers.

If computers cease to exist, human life would be really complicated, and it would grind to a halt. Computers have had an influence in almost every single aspect of human life, and that is why I feel that they are one of the most amazing inventions of mankind, ever.

Essentiality Of Computers In Our Lives

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