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How IOT devices can change your life for the better

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Let’s get things done from scratch. For all of you who haven’t heard of IOT before, IOT stands for Internet of Things, and these IOT devices actually redeem you from the network connectivity issues and help you to extend the connectivity beyond the traditional devices. By traditional devices, I mean all your gadgets from desktop computers to tablets. So where do we differentiate the modern and traditional devices? The modern device is any device, apart from the regular ones, which can connect and communicate with external elements through an internet connection.


Defining the term- Device:

The above passage states the term “any device” which puts our understanding at stake because the word device needs to be explained better. So here is a list of things that can come under the head device – electronic devices, software, sensors, actuators and other relevant devices that support internet connection and can communicate using the same. The devices that we have listed for basic understanding are way too less as there are more than 12 million IOT devices that have something or the other to do with IOT. Today the technical efficiency of any device is determined depending on its ability to support net connections.

Life-Changing IOT devices:

The IOT devices are classified into three major categories, the wearable devices, smart home devices and the M2M devices, where M stands for Machine. So here is the list of IOT devices that can change the world.

Door locks:

Kill the fear of theft and burglary, by installing smart door locks at home. It can take your back both in terms of security and convenience. These locks are connected to your smart phones. Nobody forgets a Smartphone but a key always, so now you can conveniently lock your house and never care about keys again.

Bluetooth trackers:

Are you absent minded? Do you misplace things quite often and find it hard to track them back? Do not worry most intelligent people are forgetful. Not turn all your devices smart and escape the fear of forgetting them. By attaching small tags to the objects you lose often, you can have them linked to your Smartphone. Never train yourself to remember, make your gadgets smarter.

Smart Kitchen:

We have no intention to put down the lovely homemakers of the house. With Smart kitchen options you can have all kitchen appliances connected to their smart phones and can access them even without taking a walk to the kitchen. For all you professionals who keep bragging about your smart gadgets, our moms are smarter than you now.

Smart Plugs:

Electrical appliance is one thing that can take a toll on your happiness. It has always become a habit of most of us to find out that an appliance is still in on condition once you lock and step out. Things worsen up when you have gone far away and then get reminded of all this scary stuff. This is when a smart plug can just save your life. Insert them into any normal wall socket and then connect any appliance. Now you can communicate with them, no matter where you are.

Smart Home apps:

A lot of apps are available on the IOS and Android platforms that can help you have a smart e-connection with your house. This simply reduces the effort of working with multiple apps as you can have them all under one roof. So once you have a smart home, the last thing that you have to do is to get a smart home app.