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How To Do WordPress SEO The Right Way

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WordPress SEO Done in the Proper Way

In order to make the search engines give your WordPress site a good ranking, there has to be more than wonderful content. There is a particular procedure that you will have to follow if you do not want to be ahead in terms of search engine rankings. We will look at some of these things in this article.

Google Sitemap

Use a sitemap for Google when launching your blog as this will play a major role in how well and quickly your site is ranked. It isn’t difficult at all to add Google Sitemap to your WordPress site. The fact is, Google wants you to guide its spiders through the pages on your site; they like when you give them a neat map where the links to all the pages on the site are laid out. This allows the search engines to get a sort of abridged or seriously shortened version of what’s taking place on your site. There is a plugin, the Google XML Sitemaps plugin, that makes installation on your WordPress site a snap. So you don’t have to do anything manually, the plugin will do all the hard work for you and automatically update each time you add a new page to your site. It takes a matter of minutes to install but the rewards are endless so don’t forget to do this one thing.

URL’s DO Matter!

Don’t forget that URLs can be important SEO tools for your WordPress site. You need to change your site’s URL so that it doesn’t display a long string of jumbled up numbers and letters with question marks. This not only looks ugly, but also provides little information to the search engines as to what the page is about. By optimizing your URLs, you’ll be able to insert your keywords in them, and make them look good for both the human readers and as well as the search engines. You can easily change your URL structure by logging into the permalinks section of your settings panel. Believe it or not, it’s that easy.

Use slugs, located below your post in the WordPress panel to determine your article’s address. A consistent keyword presence in all aspects of your page including the meta description, title, and article content lets the search engines have a better feel for your page. The importance of your keywords in the right places cannot be ignored; even though WordPress makes SEO so easy, you won’t see great results unless you take care of your keywords.

Once you start working on your WordPress site in terms of SEO, you’ll see a big shift in traffic as you get ranked for your targeted keywords. As long as you keep your focus on giving your audience and the search engines excellent quality in content and SEO your blog is sure to be a success. Local SEO Raleigh are by far one of the best first in the area, you can trust them with almost anything!