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iPhone 8: The Best Of all the Rumours

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IPhone 8:

Apple’s iPhone is rumoured to set its foot in the market this fall of 2017. Apple plans this launch to it as in memory of 10 years of its survival in the smartphone industry. More than a brand the words apple and iPhone have become a status symbol. Irrespective of its affordability, it has become a household name for its look, features, performance, and durability. Now the Apple is going to launch the next of its series, iPhone 8 and lots of information have been pouring in about what to expect and what not to. So here brushing aside the rumours we are making a genuine attempt to pass on the reliable information that we know about this new iPhone.

Iphone 8

Interesting rumours that could be true:

  • Apple is rumoured to have tested more than 10 prototype models.
  • Sources suggest that this version of iPhone will feature a radical redesign, which will enable end to end display. The home button will be a part of the screen. So without altering the size, a 4.7-inch display can simply become 5.5 inches screen.
  • The fingerprint sensor and touch recognitions are believed to be replaced by face recognition technology.
  • Apple is believed to get rid of all that aluminium and adopt glass body as it was in the 4s model.
  • The display is rumoured to have a flexible OLED instead of the LED, which will introduce us to a whole new device that sleek than ever and consumes less power.
  • It is expected to be a water resistant however with better water resistant ratings than the iPhone 7
  • There are a lot of rumours about the internal features of the phone taking their base from the prototypes released so far. Though they are just the proto version, there are a lot of chances that one of it can get through and become the final version ready for release
  • Apple wanted to rest assured of what it does. There were issues relating to the fingerprint sensor. This is the reason why they have come out so many prototypes.
  • As far as naming the device is concerned many people believe that iPhone 8 is a tentative name. The other possible names are iPhone x and iPhone pro.
  • When it comes to the colour, the white is not on the list. The possible colours are a glass-like shade and three other colour all variants of black.

These rumours are more than enough to create a stir in the mobile industry and in the hearts of the iPhone lovers. However, we will have to wait till the launch to find out how much of it is true.