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Choosing the Best Hard Drives for Your Data Storage

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Finding the right desktop hard drives can take a little time, as there are so many brands and models to choose from. You’ll want to find one that has all of the features that you need and that has enough storage capacity and maybe even one that is lightweight and stylish too. The good news is that there are plenty of desktop hard drives to choose from that will give you the value that you are after and in this article we are going to be discussing a few of them.

The Western Digital Elements is an external desktop hard drive that is very easy to use and that will offer you a large amount of storage for your files and data. Western Digital is one of the leading brands in external storage, and this model is one of their most popular. It offers you 2 TB of storage which is the equivalent of 2000 GB of storage. You simply plug it into a USB port and the storage capacity of your computer will immediately be enhanced. The Western Digital Elements is formatted to work with Window-based PCs, but can be reformatted for Mac computers as well. Buyers can find it for around $150 (but if you shop online it can be purchased for a lot less). If you would like to find a really durable external hard drive, the IoSafe Rugged Portable hard drive is something you really need to think about buying. It has a stylish designed and is really tough and is made to stand up to all sorts of punishments. It’s really useful if you live or work in a damp environment because it was built to be water resistant and continue working even if it gets totally submerged in water whether that water is fresh or salty. The IoSafe Rugged Portable offers you 750 GB of storage capacity and supports a USB 3.0 connection. If you have a computer that’s only USB 2.0, you are going to need a separate cable to get it all to work. Aside from this, the only disadvantage it has is that, rugged as it is, it’s not designed to work in conditions of extreme heat.

Even though the purchase is not made until storage space is required, most people should really think about getting an external hard drive. Getting an external hard drive would be a good thing to decide, even if you just bought a new computer that has good storage space. It is very common for a computer to crash, but the warranty only covers the computer and not your files. You should always remember to back up your data so that a lifetime of work will not be waste. If your computer is older, you have even more reason to get an external drive because the extra space will make it run more efficiently.

There are many selections if you want the greatest hard drive. These devices aren’t that expensive, unless you need something very specialized, such as a high security encrypted hard drive.  Check out Buckeye PC for more tips on computer safety and maintenance. We research some of the things that are important, in addition to some of the models that customers found to be dependable.